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    So, I’ve been thinking (uh-oh).. there’s this idea/law by Melvin Conway (popular in programming books) that goes something like this;

    Any organization that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.

    Many suns ago, local events “piqued” my curiosity into cryptocurrency hype. Praise be to the king–no really! Anyway, reading the leaves and decrypting the crypto–babble made bits of sense.. at least superficially.

    The point: there’s plausibility that one or many powerful democratic government(s) designed/orchestrated the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Yes, hard to prove but.. the architecture is an uncanny 1:1 copy of government communication. Even abuse/failure modes are 1:1 (see sybil, a 51% attack: similar to democracy’s extra fun “limbo” mode).