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    It’s hard to “peek into” other knowledge domains successfully. The reason; marketing fuzz.

    : Blockchain data–structure is designed only for Bitcoin’s rules. Large deviations from Bitcoin go nowhere. Ethereum appears to be the only protocol with minor deviations from Bitcoin.

    For example;

    Cryptocurrencies are blockchain protocols — laws (protocols) on permanent appendable excel sheets (blockchains). Bitcoin is not the only protocol. Various cryptocurrencies have differing rules but..

    Are cryptocurrencies limited/driven by blockchain data–structure?

    Blockchain’s implicit permanency favours Bitcoin’s rules and use cases. Economically, that’d suggest noncompatible use–cases/cryptocurrencies/forks become irrelevant.

    I’m too dense/lazy to understand the shared roles of the data–structure and protocol in the full implementation;

    Or more specifically, the difference between a merkle tree and a blockchain. So, no plausible technical predictions on coinage–but perhaps the government’s broken clock is right twice a day? Bahamians need permission to “officially invest” in crypto–stock “currency”.