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    There’s this cool python script chromexup that allows declaratively managing chromium based extensions.

    Basically setup the configuration in the right place, find the extension id from the Chrome web store and run chromexup.

    branding           = chromium
    remove_orphans     = True
    parallel_downloads = 4
    BlankNewTabPage   = jaadjnlkjnhohljficgoddcjmndjfdmi
    JavaScriptToggle  = cdcgbgnfhhdmdkallfmlachogpghifgf
    NoHistory         = ljamgkbcojbnmcaonjokopmcblmmpfch

    Side note: NoHistory is good for disabling history (Firefox has options). If the history/bookmarks database gets too large, funky auto–suggestion stuff can happen (100% processor usage). , it’s best not to trust browsers storing bookmarks anyway and use an independent tool/method. The less data coupled to browsers the better — at least if you’re like me and swap browsers regularly.