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An actual but where did my Linux memory go command;
This program (repositories) came in handy while helping someone resolve an problem. Want to see memory usage and shared memory, perhaps sorted by swap?

smem -s swap -kta
smem --sort swap --abbreviate --totals --autosize
What about on other categories running a --sort?
swap     (amount of swap space consumed ignoring sharing)
command  (process command line)
maps     (total mappings count)
name     (process name)
pid      (process id #)
user     (process owner)
pss      (proportional set size including sharing)
rss      (resident set size ignoring sharing)
uss      (unique set size)
vss      (virtual set size; total virtual memory mapped)
Bonus: A filesystem usage command to catch /tmp/ and tmpfs (temporary file storage) abusers;
df -h | grep tmpfs
df --human-readable | grep tmpfs
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