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Hugo has template performance metrics with the --templateMetrics flag. Here’s a snippet of the metrics for this site.

$ hugo --templateMetrics

Start building sites … 
hugo v0.101.0+extended linux/amd64 BuildDate=unknown

Template Metrics:

 cumulative       average       maximum         
   duration      duration      duration  count  template
 ----------      --------      --------  -----  --------
7.278303484s   49.177726ms  237.175705ms    148  partials/generate-feeds.html
7.22797312s   112.93708ms  246.988674ms     64  _default/single.html
6.982028147s   83.119382ms  245.262274ms     84  partials/navigator-right.html
6.683942678s   47.070018ms  237.223569ms    142  partials/web-ring.html
1.685089741s    5.561352ms   28.254398ms    303  _default/summary.html
#gists #webdev