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    Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)? I’ve thought about LaTeX/TeX strategies on the web for a bit ever since someone asked years ago about different approaches. I never got to poking around on my blog, but since then the masters have delivered unto us;

    1. MathML ( based web specification)
    2. KaTeX
    3. MathJax

    In format conversion land we’ve been given; LaTeXML, make4ht, texmath, temml, and Pandoc.

    MathML looks rather safe. After that, I’d imagine it’s mostly incompatability struggles, XML spooks, and making math “write easy”.
    l = 10 0.00 + 0.05 m m
    (1) A unilateral tolerance allowed in one (uni) direction (plus)
    l = 100 ± 0.05 m m
    (2) A bilateral tolerance allowed in two (bi) directions (plus and minus)
    #lists #web