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  • 21 Jun #rss — View of Glastonbury Tor from Walton Hill, Somerset, England (© Guy Edwardes/Minden Pictures) @default
  • 20 Jun #rss — Video Relay Service (VRS) is a term used to describe a method by which a hearing person can communicate with a sign language speaker @default
  • 20 Jun #musings — I’m actually sleeping… @default
  • 20 Jun #cryptos #satires — If the cryptocurrency ecosystem “falls” in on itself, it probably still won’t disappear because it’s almost TBTF. @default
  • 20 Jun #musings — Very tempted to stick GNU Guix somewhere in my main workflow — Guile Scheme looks interesting. @default
  • 20 Jun #nixos — Nix/NixOS are great for documenting system configurations/models, but the long evaluation times make for slow feed back loops. @default
  • 20 Jun #rss — Old World swallowtail butterflies on a flower (© Alberto Ghizzi Panizza/Getty Images) @default
  • 19 Jun #rss — nikitonsky: Multi-line strings is such an underappreciated concept by modern designers. @default
  • 19 Jun #rss — Southern cassowary father with chicks, Kuranda, Queensland, Australia (© Martin Willis/Minden Pictures) @default
  • 18 Jun #musings — The static versus dynamic site wars are mostly conflicts over where discomfort and computation should happen at increasing scale. @default
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